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Explore our range of gun keychain, including the highly sought-after glock keychain. These toy guns are not just key accessories but a statement of style. Small in size but big on character, get yours today!


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mini glock keychain mini glock keychain
Ematok™ Mini Metal Glock 17 Gun Keychain
Sale price$29.98 USD Regular price$69.98 USD

9 colors available

Save 51%
glock keychain glock keychain
Ematok™ Mini Model Glock34 Gun Keychains
Sale price$38.98 USD Regular price$79.98 USD

1 color available

Save 64%
Gun Keychain Gun Keychain
Ematok™ Mini Metal 1911-2 Model Gun Keychain
Sale price$24.98 USD Regular price$69.98 USD

2 colors available

Save 50%
mini gun mini gun
Ematok™ Mini Metal Floral 1911 Model Keychains
Sale price$34.98 USD Regular price$69.98 USD

2 colors available